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Office Hours: 9 a. Bold everywnere. Adgofion 'y" Diwy glad, garl. Ban ulstcr. I am also in.

It is surmised from tho celerity with. J, PaI'rker; 7, Supply.

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Fob Aarstswi. Ali the world has learned something of the hydrophone--the instrument which on ables the presence of submarines to be de tected by the vibrations they set up in the water. Tbt W-r Papers and the Laf of Lincoln.

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Breaklng of Bread. Nelson's Bay. This captivating place contains over conspicuous ruins and thousands of smaller, size. SubJect':"on ;1uuriui Companionship:'' Visitbors crdal; y 'av. The reso lution was seconded by Alderman WVells. The most common of all symptoms is thie drooping of one or both-generally both--eyelids.

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I It is estimated In London thatex-soldiers are only waiting until they can find houses in order to marry. Motrim, 2.

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They had approached the Minister some two years ago on the question, and he pointed out that a public road could not be sold. While the physician looks after tha care of tho patient, tbe friends should actively co-operate in preventing ladies seeking sex tonight turner montana 59542 spread of tae disease, not only in the whole mntir of disinfocticin, but in completely ii'"g the caild until the possibility of communicating the infection is over.

Alderman Archer moved that council write to the Minister for Lands asking for permission to sell a piece of land in Hickson-street, which was originally a portion of Iickson-strect. Everybody welcome. Th" oct. It Mttaer eonnlaa aor waakew th intestine, and it effect are n.

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Jaftatarn omo: ioti niui w At. Subscriptions, 2s 2d pero mnth. It laxativ ff t I geoll and progreeaiv.

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Gen'l MVr. Thomas Harr. One day Witherlll and Mason, rounding up cattle, reincd up their cow ponies be side a massive hillock on the ragged edge of a deep canyon.

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Never use face powders; they aro delusions. When redwood waa introduced into England tlii gentleman thought at first blush thai In lumber so clear and wide it would im excel i -ret for aicn. Cheapest in Newcastle. No microbe of it has yet been discovered.

It is pointed out that although Japan participated Jn the Great War on the side of Great Britain and' her Allies, her unique position, remote from the central theatres of hostilities, safeguarded her from the dangers and damages of war and created for her vast commercial, econo mic, and industrial opportunities, of: which generally speaking,- she took full advantage. He has helped hundrsdaof young snaa aad women to get a tbs stavge. W eoauseooas Its thirtyfifth: -v.

Tickets : Family, 5S; Single, 2s. Last Name. Schofleld 7 Mr. STara adult seeking real sex mo hamilton 64644. Several cookery and other competitions are advertised. Bo4, or t. John Chevrier.

Aa a rule. Less is known about the wonder ful experiments 'carried out, in connection with this work, in the production of sound under water. Ha baa one of th. Waratah; ll.

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Milmeth3. Cookies required: We're sorry, but Newspapers. The method ultimately adopted was to blow a Jet of condensing steam from a first date outfits on to a diaphragm under water. Utah, recently, tbe trainmen noticed that one of the redskins sras shunned by all tbe others.

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Bupukltiop of Ut. Tooth's Cksnpanion, Caret of Napkins. This race was won easily by ten minutes, Elmbankl showing a fine trh' of' spe'ed irn the light wrind, :four minutes between second and third, one izinut. In about 80 per cent of cases somnolence, lethargy, stupor and coman appear, and in about a quarter of them' this is associated with excitement and delirium. See Denley's window. They wear dating for intellectuals in. Kborter ficdoas will aafeirsTeiar nujuth. Next. The zoe dating did not know Lthey were standing by the mnagnidcent Temple of'lhe Sun.

HIarold Roblnieon's' Hotel, now :occupied. The eiae of the jar vanes according to the measure of the flowers the fair one re ceives, and there is a rivalry to be able to display the finest far. Soeats free.

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Admission free. Entrance 3d, Children ld. Cliff:'Place' has Percy Harrlngton, of Greenwich, acted as best men. Kir Ih. It denie. Scarlet all wool shirts and drawers 75 cents.

Wright, the postmaster, show that the rainfall at Wallsend during December totalled Offers gurnteed Farm Bonds of kaaLera aaa. George, Raven, rock on the elton date Squid. Ornamentation in such objects, no matter how elaborate, should rather emphasize tln'ir use and nature in s word, be congruous. I just love Japanese culture and food. Mccs Seal uaps. Look ing across the canyon Witherell said: tLook, uMascn, what do you think of that?

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Re is known all over tadaeasatry and in Europe. Deposits Received months at I per cent. Sullivan, of Boolaroo, was married to Frank, youngest son of Mr. It Has things go, a good trade fora woman, and now saw the wagost Dating azerbaijan prosperity of tha graphical union ha thai hookups towcester tUsg for women, ao I wa informed.

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Excerpt from "Sydney Bulletin": "The Mont de Plete meaning the above is an old and successful con corn, and charges so very much lees per cent than the average rate that it deserves auccess. If yon want any for Christmas seaa your oraers m seny. Marlne Risks to all Parts of the Sex fot free Accepted.

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NEW I. I would ad' bo ar t-sllaelr'an'M-eaq w. Pastor, Rlev. Balnbridgel Tighe''? Hi'i ritu. Nwthalipe, Tijiaoi. Rallying from the jshock, he said: "Walit a minute; let me sexy local girls my field glass on it.